FoShan Great wall Cold Trade Project Co.,Ltd.
Company Department

Central air conditioning engineering department:

It mainly undertakes large and medium-sized central air-conditioning projects. The central air-conditioning engineering department has complete functions and strong technical strength. There are design office, electrical department, purchasing department and business development department. There are a large number of professional and technical backbone talents including senior refrigeration engineers, refrigeration engineers, first-class registered cost engineer, first-class registered constructor, second-class registered constructor, senior technician, etc., with skilled professional construction team. It can provide one-stop service for the design, installation, commissioning and after-sales maintenance of central air-conditioning projects, including star hotels, office buildings, electronic factories, catering and leisure places, large super malls, comprehensive hospitals and other institutions.

Maintenance center:

Foshan is one of the first departments specialized in central air conditioning maintenance business, mainly undertaking large and medium-sized central air conditioning maintenance projects and water treatment projects. The Department has a water treatment laboratory, a large number of senior refrigeration and air conditioning maintenance technicians, and a professional team of maintenance personnel who have been trained and certified. Adhere to the concept of "honesty first, customer first", think for customers and meet their needs. The customer unit, 24 hours on duty, and a plan to arrange maintenance, commitment to receive notice of sudden failure within one hour to the scene. Its representative projects include: Foshan branch of ICBC, Foshan branch of Guangdong Southern Power Grid Company, Foshan Hospital of traditional Chinese medicine, Foshan Nanguo Hotel, Foshan China Ceramic City, Gaoming water supply company, Sanshui people's Hospital, Nanhai Sanshan Hotel, Shaoguan xinfengyun Tianhai primeval forest hot spring resort, etc Maintenance works.

Ministry of trade:

It is one of the earliest professional installation departments of small and medium air conditioners in Foshan. Mainly undertake the installation and maintenance of small and medium air conditioners. The Department has a group of senior refrigeration and air conditioning installation technicians, and a skilled installation team after training and assessment. The Department adheres to the enterprise spirit of "honesty first and continuous improvement" to ensure the construction period, quality and customer satisfaction. With excellent technical force and excellent service quality, the Department has attracted a large number of small and medium-sized enterprises and organizations. Its representative projects include: all the stations in the five districts of China Mobile Foshan branch, Foshan Construction Bank, Foshan Industrial Bank, all the outlets of Bank of China Foshan branch, Foshan new No.3 middle school, office building of Foshan Chancheng District Office Affairs Administration Bureau, etc.

Finance department:

There are many accountants and assistant accountants in the Department. They are mainly responsible for the company's financial management, data compilation, capital arrangement, transfer and settlement of operating project funds, inspection and supervision of the implementation of contracts and the recovery of funds, and providing timely and accurate financial data and relevant information for leaders' decision-making.

Administration Office:

Be responsible for the recruitment and management of the staff, organize the staff to participate in the technical skills and safety knowledge training in a planned way, and do a good job in the professional title declaration and qualification certification of professional and technical personnel in time. Care about the life of employees, timely reflect the wishes of employees, and do a good job of administrative affairs.

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