FoShan Great wall Cold Trade Project Co.,Ltd.
Company Profile


Foshan Changcheng air conditioning trade Engineering Co., Ltd. is a mechanical and electrical installation enterprise with professional qualification, which integrates air conditioning, refrigeration, mechanical and electrical equipment sales, central air conditioning engineering professional design, installation, after-sales, repair and maintenance services.

Strong technical strength The predecessor of the company, Foshan great wall air conditioning trade Engineering Co., Ltd., was established in 1988 and transformed into Foshan great wall air conditioning trade Engineering Co., Ltd. in 2000. After 26 years of operation and accumulation, the company has perfect management structure and strong technical force. Among the nearly 200 employees, there are senior refrigeration engineer, registered cost engineer, first class registered constructor and second class registered engineer There are nearly 100 engineers and technicians, including constructors, technicians, senior / middle / junior technicians, etc.

The company has sufficient construction equipment, and can provide professional design, installation, maintenance, repair and other integrated services for customers in various types of places. The company has been responding to the call of national environmental protection and energy saving, closely following the international market trends, the technology of central air conditioning system is developing in the direction of more environmental protection, energy saving and intelligent.

In addition, our company has been awarded the honorary title of "trustworthy enterprise" for more than ten years in a row. Since January 1990, our company has been a member of China Refrigeration society and the technical consulting service department of China Refrigeration society. In 2007, our company won the title of "excellent technical consulting service of China Refrigeration society". Our chairman Chen Zhijian was also elected as the Seventh Council member of China Refrigeration society . The company is a member of Guangdong refrigeration society and the sixth and seventh board member of Guangdong refrigeration society. Chen Zhijian, chairman of the board, was elected as the seventh board member of Guangdong refrigeration society. At the same time, our company is also a member of Foshan Construction Enterprise Association and vice president of the fourth council of the association.

Since its establishment, the company has been based on system innovation, focusing on serving users, seizing market opportunities and growing in the fierce market competition. It has undertaken thousands of projects, including the medical complex building of Foshan Hospital of traditional Chinese medicine, Nanhai Mingdu Hotel, Shaoguan xinfengyun Tianhai hot spring resort, Foshan China Ceramic City, Nanhai city leisure shopping plaza, Foshan TV Tower, Foshan Guoxing optoelectronic Co., Ltd. industrial factory (LED product R & D and production base), Foshan national high tech Zone Innovation Center, HSBC Data Center Many complex projects in the center, Guangzhou Hongxing Macalline Furniture City, Foshan Jinhai Plaza, Foshan Hengfu international business center, Foshan pengruili Jihua Plaza and other projects have been awarded "Luban Award", "provincial excellent" and "Municipal Excellent".

Perfect after sales service The company has a perfect after-sales service system. The company's maintenance center undertakes all kinds of refrigeration and air conditioning engineering maintenance projects, such as star hotels, government agencies, medical institutions, electronic plants, commercial office buildings, large shopping malls, restaurants and entertainment places. Now it has been established in Foshan Industrial and Commercial Bank, Foshan Power Supply Branch, Foshan Hospital of traditional Chinese medicine, Foshan central bank China Ceramic City, Shaoguan xinfengyun Tianhai hot spring resort and other nearly 100 units for maintenance services, become a model in the industry.

The company acts as an agent for domestic and foreign brands of split air conditioner, multi connected air conditioner, central air conditioner host and terminal equipment, air energy water heater, cooling water tower, water pump, electrical cabinet, frequency converter and other air conditioner and equipment supporting products, and wholeheartedly provides customers with high-quality product services.

At the same time, the company is also a regional special distributor and after-sales service special maintenance unit of many domestic and foreign famous brand air-conditioning equipment manufacturers, with perfect after-sales tracking service, which has been deeply trusted and praised by customers.

The company always adheres to the "integrity first, quality improvement" service purpose, dedicated to serve the community.

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