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Introduction of household central air-conditioning
Date: 2021-03-24 11:02:01

Household central air conditioner is an air conditioner in which a host computer controls different rooms to achieve indoor air conditioning by means of air ducts or cold and hot water pipes connecting multiple terminals. Adopting the air duct air supply method, one host can control multiple different rooms and introduce fresh air, which can effectively improve the indoor air quality and prevent the occurrence of air-conditioning diseases.

The most prominent feature of household central air conditioners is to produce a comfortable living environment. Secondly, from the aesthetic point of view and the best use of space, the use of household central air conditioners makes interior decoration more flexible and easier to achieve various decorative effects, even if you don’t like the original Decorate and re-decorate, the original central air-conditioning system is slightly changed to be in harmony with the new decoration. Therefore, household central air-conditioning is called a one-step, never-behind choice. Household central air conditioner (or household central air conditioner, unit adjustable central air conditioner) refers to an air conditioner that generates a cold (heat) source from an outdoor unit and then provides cooling (heating) to each room. It is a (small) commercial air conditioner Kind of. Household central air-conditioning is divided into two types: wind system and water system. The air system is composed of outdoor units, indoor hosts, air supply pipes, and air outlets and regulating valves in each room; the water system is composed of outdoor units, water pipes, circulating water pumps and the ends of each room (dark/exposed fan coils, etc.) .

1. Features:

1. The whole family is in a comfortable condition to avoid the human discomfort caused by direct blowing and over-cooling and uneven heating and cooling in the room caused by other split machines;

2. Good decoration, without any exposed pipelines in coordination with decoration;

3. Simple operation, automatic operation, no maintenance required;

4. The air supply (heat) amount can be increased or decreased according to the orientation and function of each room;

5. Fresh air and humidification can be added to keep the indoor air fresh and hygienic.

2. Limitations:

1. Layout: design and installation must be combined with decoration to achieve good comfort and decorative effects;

2. Power requirements: large electrical load. Old-fashioned housing should consider whether the circuit load is sufficient.

3. Classification of main components:

(1) According to the medium used to bear the indoor heat and humidity load, it can be divided into:

1. All air system

2. Full water system

3. Air-water system

4. Refrigerant system

(2) According to the concentration of air treatment equipment, it can be divided into:

1. Centralized

2. Semi-centralized

(3) According to the source of the air to be processed, it can be divided into:

1. Closed

2. DC type

3. Hybrid (primary return air, secondary return air)

The main components of the equipment are air-conditioning host (cold and heat source), wind cabinet, fan coil, etc.

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