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Daily maintenance and precautions for central air conditioning
Date: 2021-03-24 11:01:06

Regular maintenance of the central air-conditioning system and equipment and facilities to ensure that the performance of the central air-conditioning equipment and facilities is intact, increase the life of various equipment and facilities, and ensure the normal and safe operation of the equipment.

1. When using the air conditioner, please close the windows and doors. The windows should have shading devices.

2. Keep the computer room tidy and do not pile up debris in the computer room

3. Keep the air in the computer room unblocked.

4. Regularly clean the return air filter

5. Clean the water pump filter regularly.

6. Regularly inspect the cooling tower

(1) Whether the tap action of the water distributor is good and whether the water distribution is even.

(2) Whether the cooling fan can work normally.

7. Regularly check the water pump

(1) Whether there is any abnormality in vibration and noise.

(2) Whether there is water leakage.

8. Water quality management: During the operating season, the cooling tower should be cleaned and the cooling water should be replaced every month. Particular attention should be paid to places with large air pollution and dust.

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